About us

Our mission is to make high-quality and innovative treatment available. Omega Sintez LLC is a marketing and distribution pharmaceutical company with main activity in Uzbekistan. The history of the company began in 2010. We have been working exclusively on transparent and mutually beneficial terms for our customers and partners for eleven years. Omega Sintez LLC has 3 main activities:

  • Marketing, promotion and sales
  • Distribution
  • Regulatory Department

We have developed our own multi-level system for monitoring the quality of services.

The company's management team consists of experienced professionals with over 30 years of experience in international pharmaceutical companies. Our specialists attend international seminars and share experiences with international experts.

Our medical representatives are strong sellers hired according to strict criteria (3x3 approach). The productivity of their work is ensured by advanced technologies of activity control, motivation and professional development.

Today we are a large company providing diversified services in the pharmaceutical market. Our mission is to make quality and innovative treatment affordable.

Omega Sintez LLC

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Chilonzor-6, 17/1

+998 71 278-19-97